What to expect from Roodwitblauw (RWB)?

The intake / interview

Several questions will be answered during the 30 minute intake.

What is your goal?
Different students have different goals. You tell me what problems you encounter in your use of the Dutch language. A custom made course will be developed for you. Changing your goal or focus after some lessons is no problem.
What is your actual level?
Our conversation at the intake gives me an impression of your level. Should you want to know exactly what your level is, tests can be taken for listening, writing and reading. A separate appointment will be made for these tests.
The course: how long, how often, where and when?
The possibilities are endless. From once every two weeks to three times a week, according to your wishes and our agendas. Private lessons are usually given at my house, but I can come to your house or office if necessary.

The lessons

Lessons start with a conversation. When you make mistakes, I explain what you do wrong and what you can do to avoid those mistakes. If you wish, you get homework.

You can also bring in difficulties you encounter e.g. writing an e-mail or reading official documents. I try to help you immediately or look things up and discuss them in the next lesson. Asking questions is encouraged! You can also contact me via e-mail in between lessons.

Teaching materials

A lot of teaching materials are available at RWB: textbooks, grammars, workbooks, newspaper articles, DVDs, recordings of texts and conversations and copies of Staatsexamen NT2 I and II (official Dutch as a second language exams). If needed, additional books or other materials are purchased. I make sure the materials suit your needs. I am constantly in touch with publishers and fellow trainers, so any question I cannot answer immediately, will be answered as soon as possible.


You pay the hourly rate, as shown on the homepage of this website. You can pay cash, after a lesson or through the bank, after receiving your monthly bill. Groups pay 5 lessons in advance.

Teaching materials developed by RWB are free. You have to purchase books we use on a regular basis, or borrow them from the library.