Business Dutch

As a foreigner you can feel pretty uncomfortable amoung your Dutch colleagues. At a certain stage you are expected to understand everything and you feel reluctant to ask them to continue to speak and write in English. During meetings and presentations you frequently miss the details and you do not have the courage to participate in discussions. You dread answering the phone and writing emails takes a lot of time and effort and still you are sure you have made many mistakes.

If your level is A2+, approaching B1 (intermediate) the solution may be a course in Business Dutch (‘Zakelijk Nederlands’). You will learn the specific language used at the office in meetings and presentations. Topics dealt with are: talking on the phone, writing emails and reports, participating in meetings, negotiating, giving presentations or any combination of these skills.

There is plenty of opportunity to listen to standard conversations with standard sentences and expressions. Doing role play will allow you to practise your skills and enhance your confidence. We will record your presentation and correct it together. At Roodwitblauw making mistakes is not a source of embarassment, but an opportunity to learn!

Start any time you want with private or group lessons. Lessons can take place at Roodwitblauw or at your company. You determine the length and the subjects of the course. Costs are to be negotiated.

Make an appointment for a free 30 minute intake session to check if this course fits your needs!